How to properly clean your face?

Because having beautiful healthy skin requires an adapted beauty routine, we invite you to discover one of the essential elements for a radiant complexion on a daily basis: cleansing the skin!

Find our tips to optimize this essential step.

The importance of good skin cleansing

The skin is the first bulwark against external attacks. That of the face is not only the most exposed, but also the most sensitive. It therefore logically requires more care. Even if you do not use makeup, the skin cleansing the evening is essential, because pollution residues and other impurities can accumulate. Cleansing your skin in the morning is just as essential, in order to eliminate sebum and ensure your comfort while protecting it from external aggressions.

The current health context is also conducive to the more frequent appearance of blemishes, in particular blackheads, linked to wearing a mask. This phenomenon even has a name: the masked !

Cleaned well morning and evening using the right products, the skin will be re-oxygenated, purified, clearer and healthier - and according to Laure, the founder of Ho Karan, who has been battling PCOS and hormonal acne for years, healthy skin is sometimes worth more than perfect skin. So why deny it?

How to properly clean your face?

For clean your face well, there are certain techniques that work, regardless of your skin type.

1. Go for double cleaning

Also called two-step cleaning. The double cleaning, even triple cleaning is one of the most effective and often overlooked skin cleansing techniques. And one of the most effective solutions for fight acne and regain healthy skin after summer !
First step : eliminate all fatty substances encrusted on the face at the end of the day (make-up, pollution, excess sebum, etc.) using a cleansing oil suitable for your skin type.
Second step : the so-called "aqueous" phase which consists of deep cleansing the skin thanks to a gel texture, more foamy in a micro-peeling way, to eliminate all residues and regain a real sensation of freshness and cleanliness.
Third step : complete your beauty routine, if necessary, with a moisturizing lotion for toned, plumped, hydrated and protected skin from external aggressions!

2. Make the right moves

If the cleansing care must be well chosen, the gestures are just as important to maximize their effectiveness. Therefore, the circular and gentle movements are preferred for a gentle cleaning (and a relaxing time!). If you have combination, oily or blemish-prone skin, we recommend that you lightly emphasize the "T" zone, located on the forehead, nose and chin.
You can also combine accessories such as a konjac sponge or a face brush with your cleaning product. If you have sensitive and reactive skin, you are also advised to dry your face with a soft towel.

3. Build your beauty routine and know how to choose the right cleansing treatments

While the external conditions may be the same, not all skin types react in the same way. The reason is that some skin types are oily, combination, others dry, sensitive or even atopic.
Whatever your skin type, favor the natural care, formulated with non-aggressive active ingredients.
There are many popular products for facial care, such asmicellar water. However, if it has become popular, it is no longer the panacea for cleansing care! In question: a effectiveness questioned, coupled with a formulation that is sometimes far from natural which can even attack sensitive skin. Some products also do not require rinsing after use, which can be problematic if the composition contains synthetic ingredients which therefore stay on the skin for a long time.

trio nettoyant ho karan démaquillant naturel CBD

As you know, at HO KARAN, we work day after day to help you keep or regain healthier skin, by offering you cosmetic treatments formulated with natural active ingredients. Among our latest news? the Gender Fluid, le Green Fizz and day-over, our cleansing trio for clean, purified skin:

Day Over, cleansing oil

Makeup removing oil enriched with CBD, and a blend of three very pure oils:hemp oil, grape seed oil and olive oil, to break down fatty substances and impurities resulting from pollution and make-up - obviously applicable on the lips and eyes! The little bonus: let it sit for a few minutes on the face, like a mask, so that the Antioxidant and nourishing CBD infuses the skin (find out here all the benefits of CBD on the skin). When rinsing, in contact with water, the Day Over turns into a milky fluid! This is the first step for gently cleansed, regenerated and protected skin.

Green Fizz, the face cleansing gel

Formulated with cannaflavins and vitamin C, Green Fizz is THE facial cleanser you need to rid your skin of all impurities after removing make-up. Its airy foam and its refreshing and invigorating scent of mint and lemon make it a pleasant cleansing gel for daily use. The association vitamin C + hemp seeds provides your skin with an ultra-gentle exfoliation, suitable for both combination skin and sensitive skin.

Natural CBD Cleansing Oil - Day Over

Natural CBD Cleansing Oil - Day Over

Day Over, a natural cleansing oil enriched with CBD, which leaves the skin soft and de-stressed.

The mixture of organic vegetable oils of great purity (hemp, grapeseed, olive) breaks down fatty substances and impurities resulting from pollution and make-up.

Green fizz is a fresh and toned face cleansing gel. It concentrates the power of Cannabis and Vitamin C to cleanse your skin.

This facial cleansing gel combines an aerial foam and a zesty-minty scent for a feeling of intense freshness and cleanliness.

The combined action of vitamin C and hemp seeds provides a gentle micro-peeling effect on a daily basis.

Green Fizz Cleansing Gel

Gender Fluid, the two-phase face essence

Last step for an optimal cleansing routine: the Gender Fluid ! With its texture half oil, half water, this lotion is ideal for removing the last residues, preparing the skin for subsequent treatments (such as a serum or a day cream) or protecting the skin from external aggressions. Soothing, toning and moisturizing, it contains hyaluronic acid, hydrosol and cannabis oil to boost your skin and protect it effectively and naturally from aggressions.

These three treatments are suitable for all skin types, and are suitable for both men and women. They are also packaged in glass bottles 100% recyclable.

Gender Fluid Moisturizing Face Lotion

A unique concentrated natural moisturizing lotion for the face, two-phase half-oil half-water, the unique combination of floral water and hemp oil to soothe, moisturize and tone your skin.

The 100% natural scent with cannabis terpenes brings a boost of freshness and greenery.

From the first application of this facial cleanser, the skin is plumped and toned. Over the days, the hydrolipidic film is reconstituted and the quality of the skin improves.

Cure de Verdure - Purifying face mask with CBD

Cure de Verdure is the first anti-stress face mask which literally makes you see life in green!

This purifying face mask with CBD and CBG Deeply removes excess sebum, dries pimples and reduces redness while maintaining optimal hydration levels.

Natural washable make-up remover pads in hemp and cotton

Our 5 hemp and cotton makeup remover pads, designed for daily cleansing at home or on the go.

These gentle wipes gently and effectively remove makeup, dirt and oil for clear, fresh skin.

Make-up Remover Duo

Discover our novelty, the make-up remover pack, made up of our CBD cleansing oil and our 5 natural cleansing wipes in hemp and cotton

Use day-over, with 5 hemp and cotton wipes. The cleansing oil enriched with CBD, leaves the skin soft and de-stressed. Its blend of organic vegetable oils breaks down fatty substances and impurities from pollution and makeup.

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