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New episode in HO KALM! This week, singer Luciole recounts the stress she can experience as a freelance artist. And above all, the pressure that artists can experience on a daily basis: before going on stage, on their image or respect for private life.

After the journalist Valerie Tribes, who told about the way she faced her leukemia, it is Lucile (better known as Luciole), independent artist - and from Brittany, like us - who goes to the microphone of Laure.

Usually, in front of a microphone, she sings. Finally, obviously, not since the last few months of Covid, but globally for the last 15 years. An independent singer-songwriter, Luciole was also the French slam champion. Two albums, tours, first parts with artists like Oxmo Puccino or Camille, a song on the Grand Corps Malade album, a Tedx Champs Elysées… And yet, a chronic stress, which even hampers part of his life. spine. This artist engages in the pressure of the image, of perfection, of the race for followers in the musical field. On the stage before going on stage, on the rhythm of Parisian life. And above all the way in which she managed to let go, little by little, and keep her self-confidence. Massages, reading, breathing exercises, readings… How does she take care of her body and mind?

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Lucile's 3 tips for being HO KALM:
- Cultivate your social life, spend time with loved ones
- Take care of the mind: listen to music, read a book
- Get out of your frame: travel, explore new horizons


> See you next week for the next episode of HO KALM!

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