10 actions for a peaceful year

Ensuring the well-being of your body and mind is not that complicated - and often scientifically proven. We close the year with this small non-exhaustive list of virtuous ideas to take care of your mental health and start the year stress-free.

1. Think about yourself
It is first of all to listen to yourself, to (re) connect to your feelings and find your balance. If it is the most difficult exercise, it is also the most saving and the one that will surely drive away stress, anxiety, fatigue and all the contemporary ailments that we tend to put aside in our too frantic dailies.
Need a helping hand? Treat yourself to an energetic treatment at No Stress Studio to reset the pendulums to zero.

2. Cooking with conscience
"May your food be your first medicine" exclaimed Hippocrates from Antiquity! No restrictions, just good, local and seasonal. Each month, we deliver vegetable recipes made from hemp to inspire you in the kitchen. Latest? Poached pear with raw cocoa and CBD truffles by the head of Parsley & Mimosa.

3. Get away from screens
Are you one of the 60% of French people unable to spend a day without a phone? * First rule, turn off your notifications! And take advantage of his spare brain time to immerse himself in a novel, listen to a podcast, do an exhibition. In HO KALM, our podcast to deconstruct stress, our guests share their best tips for a more peaceful life.
* according to an Elable survey

4. Inquire
76% is the share of French people ready to strengthen their eco-responsible practices (according to an Odaxa survey this year). Our mission as a committed brand is to give you the keys. So we reveal EVERYTHING to you : the hemp harvest in Brittany, the journey of our products before arriving in your packages, the workshops of our partners… Or, the possibility of understanding the value of each of our treatments in order to appreciate them even better.

5. Sow good
"Empathy and altruism play on mental health ” Hannah Schreier concludes after a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It remains to find the structure, the cause or the community that you would like to support: the environment, the human, the animal cause… At HO KARAN, we donate 1% of our turnover to the association 1% For The Planet to the attention hummingbirds in order to participate in soil conservation and agroecology.

6. Learn about zero waste
Do you know the mass of household waste (household waste, recyclable packaging, glass, bulky items, electrical equipment, DIY, etc.) produced per inhabitant in France each year? 580 kg * (in 2016, according to a study by ADEME). This year, the “day of passing” (that is, the date on which humanity spent all of the resources the earth could regenerate) was July 29. How to limit breakage? By consuming less, but better - and by changing your habits a little bit every day: bulk shopping, second-hand clothes and furniture, left-luggage office, ecological containers or solid cosmetics (our boxes have been in hemp cardboard since 2019, which makes HO KARAN the first French brand to have integrated this technology) ... For even more concrete, we are inspired by the account of the author of “A whole year zero waste ”, @myslowlifegreen who distills his tips every day for a smooth transition.

7. Call a loved one
A good reason to use your screens in your free time. According to Ifop, more than one in five French people suffered from loneliness in 2021! A finding that increases a little more each year, especially among young people with the pandemic. So we reserve a few minutes in our week to take news of the most isolated: the elderly, students, people in quarantine ... The good alternative in our frantic dailies (or if you do not adhere to the vocal notes of more than 8min )? Familink, the 4G connected photo frame on which you can send photos to loved ones every day via WhatsApp!

8. Smile at all the people crossed during the day
Smiling makes you happier! The gesture itself - even if it is forced - contracts 17 different muscles and sends a message of happiness to the brain by releasing endorphins (the hormones of pleasure). According to studies by doctors Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman in 2012, smiling is even a natural stress reliever, because by releasing dopamine, the brain produces less cortisol (the hormone linked to stress)! If you don't see anyone, here's a little exercise gleaned from community to do at home:

Sit in a chair with your back straight, shoulders relaxed and eyes closed.

  1. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth for a few abdominal breaths
  2. Imagine a situation or a person who makes you smile
  3. Wait for a genuine smile to appear on your lips
  4. Feel within your body, starting with the eyes and then working your way down to the other organs: a soft light (or smile) illuminates them
  5. Let the light rise to the top of your head and smile to your whole body
  6. Then offer your smile by letting it come out through your eyes. ”

Your new morning routine;)

9. Cultivate gratitude
This is the favorite trick of Laure, founder of HO KARAN, for a more peaceful life: keeping a gratitude journal (like “My 5 Minute Journal” by Tim Ferriss based on the latest research in positive psychology). "I write everyday in my “gratitude” notebook: I start the morning by listing 3 things I'm grateful for, 3 awesome things I'm going to do in the day, and a mantra or phrase I'm making up for. boost me. In the evening, I write down the 3 positive things that happened to me, and / or what I could have done better. This allows you to clean your emotions, stay positive and allow yourself a moment of calm. ”. According to the doctor Robert A. Emmons, cultivating gratitude is good for body and soul: strengthening the immune system, reducing pain, lowering blood pressure, restful sleep, better self-esteem, optimism, positive emotions and reduced stress! What if it was Thanksgiving every day in 2022?

10> Offer a moment of respite
“The pleasure of giving” - it's not just stickers at the florists! Giving is also boosting your feeling of well-being, wealth, and even a way to improve your cardiovascular conditions according to Doctor Mickael Mangot. Whatever the time of year, give the sweetest gift to your loved ones: serenity. Vegetable oils, smooth creams, gourmet truffles, cocooning infusion ... Our natural and made in France treatments de-stress men and women of all ages thanks to our expertise in hemp, in a bold and responsible way.

Do you have any other tips? Write us on communication@hokaran.fr and we'll share your best ideas on our Instagram account @hokaran !

We wish you a wonderful start to the year - serene and peaceful!

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