What if transparency is the key?

Since 2015, we have been committed to providing you with the highest quality experience possible, from seed to package, in the hope of being one of those who lead by example and pull the industry to the top.

And the most responsible way to do it is ultimately not that complicated: you just have to show yourself. Unveil the path of each of our treatments, from the raw material to the packaging, present our partners and all the talents that make HO KARAN grow, from the cannabis fields to the laboratories. And give you the opportunity to understand the value of each product, to better appreciate them.

Meet our experts

Pierre-Yves, hemp worker

Pierre-Yves Normand is a chanvrier in Brittany, and has been for 20 years!

It is he who cultivates, in part, and provides us with the raw material at the origin of all our care. This passionate producer tells us about his job, the thousand and one possible uses of this ecological plant by nature (and in several industries).

It also sheds light on how we get CBD, vegetable oils, and essential oils from our favorite plant. Meeting with our first expert.

Catherine Petyt, perfumer composer

Célie Troussard, manufacturing laboratory

Frédérique Bellanger, cosmetic formulator

Follow the path of our products

The journey of our products

HO KARAN is a “made in France” brand, but what if we go a little further?

As part of our process of transparency, we are reconstructing the production chain to show you the path of our products, in its entirety.

In which regions do we source our active ingredients of natural origin, how do we limit our carbon footprint or where do our containers come from? Trace your 7 favorite treatments.

      What else would you like to know?