CBD for pregnant women: can we recommend it?

Le CBD is a fascinating molecule natural and non-psychotropic present in the hemp plant. It has multiple benefits and improves our overall well-being. We might then be tempted to use it during pregnancy, reduce stress, tension, and improve comfort. But what is it really? Can we recommend the use of CBD to pregnant and breastfeeding women? And what are the possibilities to reduce the stress and ailments of pregnant women ? Focus in this article.


Pregnancy and the use of CBD

Each stage of life has its specificities. Indeed, if CBD can be of great help for relieve the ailments of the elderly, it cannot be advised for reduce the stress of our children, for lack of scientific perspective on the issue. And for pregnant and breastfeeding women? The precautionary measure also applies to the use of CBD, even if it is to be qualified.

CBD in ingestion

We do not recommend the use of ingested CBD. during pregnancy or lactation, although it is not radically rejected. As a general rule, hemp and its derivatives are not recommended for pregnant women. Scientific studies on the subject are rare and it is difficult to decide frankly. However, it is interesting to look into the question to fully understand the relationship of CBD to the human body. For example, cannabinoids would play an important role in the development of the fetus and its evolution. Since she produces its own cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids), breastfeeding women naturally pass it on to the baby through her breast milk*. This indicates that these molecules could influence the development of the baby. It is a process that regulates itself naturally. On the other hand, caution is still required regarding the consumption of phytocannabinoids (such as CBD) in addition during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


If we would therefore tend to exclude the intake of ingested CBD for pregnant and breastfeeding women, its use in cosmetics does not seem to be prohibited.

Topical application of CBD

CBD cosmetics can be used by pregnant women. Indeed, as the molecule does not pass directly into the blood system, we do not recommend using this application. On the contrary, the many properties of CBD are useful for improving the condition and skin comfort of pregnant women. Our Antidote, in & out CBD oil, can be used topically during pregnancy to balance your skin. For example, in case of hormonal acne, a drop locally on imperfections is enough to reduce inflammation and help healing.


At HO KARAN, all our products are natural down to the scents that compose them. We work with Catherine Petyt, expert perfumer composer, who concocts a natural fragrance from cannabis terpenes (with anti-stress properties). They fall into the category of essential oils but are present in very low concentrations in our products. This is why, except for the risks of allergic reactions to products (as with all cosmetics) which are very rare, none of the Ho Karan products are contraindicated for pregnant women for topical use - they are validated by an external toxicologist. We simply advise against our Hemp essential oil used pure on the skin, for lack of scientific hindsight on the subject.


What products and solutions for the ailments of pregnant women?


Stress around the course of pregnancy, fear of the pain of childbirth, nervous tension... Pregnant women are often anxious during this period when there is always a part of the unknown. For example, a midwife from Brest CHRU advises to prepare for manage pain with holistic therapies, to succeed in letting go: "You have to use everything you can as a resource, whether it's sophrology, meditation, training to put yourself in a meditative state or in a little bubble."

Back pain

Whether it's sciatica during pregnancy, or back pain due to carrying the baby or breastfeeding, the body of pregnant women is put to the test. For relax tense areas and soothe back pain, nothing like a good massage au Miracle Balm. Enriched with CBD, its anti-inflammatory and relaxing action is effective in relieving muscle tension.

Change in skin condition due to hormones

Many pregnant women notice a change in the appearance of their skin during their pregnancy. Oilier or drier, to protect your skin from hormonal changes, the ideal is toadapt your routine at time T, according to his needs.

Prevention of stretch marks

The elasticity capital is not the same for each woman, some see their skin "crack" in the places most stressed during their pregnancy: chest, belly and hips. By acting in prevention throughout this period, the risk of stretch marks is lower. Apply every day (morning and evening if possible, for even more effectiveness) our Amazing Oil on your body, emphasizing areas at risk. The association of 3 oils of great purity (hemp, Inca Inchi, Tsubaki) makes it possible tosoften the tissues while preserving their elasticity.

Postpartum hair loss

Due to hormonal decline, many postpartum women see their hair come out in handfuls. For stimulate their regrowth et take care of her hair, hemp oil has proven its effectiveness. Its natural proteins stimulate the production of keratin, and therefore the growth of your hair! Massage your scalp regularly at your fingertips, for faster regrowth.

Change in libido

Accepting bodily changes during pregnancy, and reclaiming it after childbirth, is not always easy. Pregnant or postpartum women may no longer be comfortable with their new body and having less desire during sexual intercourse. For the midwife we ​​interviewed, it is important to don't put pressure on yourself : “I think we need to normalize the bodies of women who have given birth, to put less pressure on themselves. You have to massage the scars, you have to touch, you have to see, you have to use lubricant, take his time…"


There is a wide range of anti-stress solutions for pregnancy. Whether the CBD in cosmetics to improve your skin condition, or alternative therapies to manage pain et be more serene, each pregnant woman finds her account according to her sensitivities.

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