HO KALM: Arthur Guérin-Boëri

In this new episode of the HO KALM podcast, Laure welcomes Arthur Guérin-Boëri, professional freediver and even world champion on several occasions. He tells us about his rise in this niche sport (which Laure also practices regularly), and how this practice, however risky, soothes him more than anything in the world.  

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Photo of Arthur: Aubin Vaissière for Almo Film

Episode 13: Arthur Guérin-Boëri, Freediving World Champion

In this new episode of HO KALM, Laure receives Arthur Guérin-Boëri (to follow on Instagram this way), professional freediver, 5-time world champion and holder of 6 records today. In case of stress, we tend to say “take a deep breath.” Arthur holds his breath (and up to 7 minutes underwater). This is the most complete way, for him, to He tells us about his meteoric rise in this niche sport (dynamic apnea), the mental strength to get out of his comfort zone, the reactions of the human body, underwater or under ice, and all the physical and mental preparation to accomplish these feats.


The episode is available on all platforms: SPOTIFY, ACAST, Deezer, ADDICT PODCAST ET APPLE PODCASTS.


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