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In this new episode of the HO KALM podcast, Laure welcomes Adrien Garcia, the co-founder of the eco-responsible fashion brand Réuni, also a podcaster with Entreprendre dans la Mode and Le Monde de Réuni. He tells us about his reconversion, at the age of 30, the joys and sorrows of his new life. And above all, the way in which he traces his path in a very methodical way to be appeased, and happy!

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Episode 14: Adrien Garcia, co-founder of Réuni

Laure welcomes Adrien Garcia, the co-founder of the eco-responsible fashion brand Réuni. Usually, it's more like him on the other side of the microphone in his successful podcasts, Entreprendre Dans La Mode and Le Monde de Réuni. Creative multi-hats, Adrien is a master in the art of organizing his life and listing his goals. He tells about his reconversion at 30 years after a romantic breakup, his conquering side and once a good student, his coaching experience, his relationship with death (moreover, anything but stress for him). He also shares with us a lot of keys for a more serene daily life and a life path all mapped out with a single goal: to make your dreams come true, and never stop putting things into perspective!


The episode is available on all platforms: SPOTIFY, ACAST, Deezer, ADDICT PODCAST ET APPLE PODCASTS.


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