HO KALM: Coline

This week, Laure welcomes Coline, the spontaneous and committed content creator. In this episode, we discuss mental health, a subject that is still too taboo that she brings up on social networks. Coline talks about her second pregnancy, the pressure of her exposure, her depression and how she was supported.

Episode 15: Coline, And Why Not Coline?

How about talking about mental health with @coline? You've probably been following her for years (15 years if that is from the start) through her blog and social media. A hobby that has become a career for this spontaneous, committed and very funny lifestyle content creator. To survive in digital is to know how to renew oneself, and from time to time to face criticism. An exhibition sometimes a source of stress for Coline, which she explains heartily in this episode (she also tells why she decides to cut everything 2 months out of the year in the summer). We also talk about the arrival of her second child almost 10 years after her eldest child, all the pressure that one inflicts on social networks especially during pregnancy, her depression and how to be accompanied. Learn to listen to yourself, know how to cut everything, preserve your privacy ... A testimony quite simply in your image, the real one, without any filter.


The episode is available on all platforms: APPLE PODCASTS, SPOTIFY, Deezer, ADDICT PODCAST


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